General information
Client acceptance
As with other things in Alhambrahouse, client acceptance procedures are quick and straightforward. In the process, the reputation and security of existing clientele is protected by avoiding or refusing those who are potential disreputable.

Alhambrahouse is managed after the strict Danish Bar Association laws - and applies to all regulations met by professional Lawyer or Accountant.

We have high discretion towards our clients.

According to the Danish Bookkeeping Act, all financial accounts, vouchers etc. are to be preserved in Denmark. We can offer to facilitate the filing for five years.

We can at all times get you a recommendation of Alhambrahouse with any of the big audit firms with whom we already work or any of the big law firms - in case you might need that.

Office space
We can offer our clients office space with us including hiring special professionals if needed.

Telephone line
We can offer our clients dedicated telephone lines at a very competitive price including dedicated number with own voice mail system enabling lines to be transferred to anywhere in the world with no extra costs than the actually phone line cost with the operator.
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