Your Scandinavian trust provider

Alhambrahouse is a totally independent trust company - an important aspect is our total independence. Our independence also means that we are in a position to co-operate with any bank, audit firm, law firm or consultancy firm, and we can give independent advice to the client in this respect. We can work with any outside firm.

Our objective is to assist you with all your needs in setting up, managing and controlling and disposal of your activities. Our work and services is done in compliance with the best business practice.

Our focus is Denmark, Scandinavia, Northern, Eastern and Central Europe.

Based on the management background as Attorney-at-Law and as State-Authorized Public Accountant we can provide you with highly specialized and focused assistance in the field of Legal and Advisory Services as well as Financial and Business Controlling.

Our aim in doing business is to be efficient and straightforward, based on creating value for your business


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Alhambrahouse ApS
Alhambravej 3
DK-1826 Frederiksberg
Phone: +45 70 25 23 45
Fax: +45 70 26 23 45